House Sitting is the practice whereby a landlord (or “homeowner”), leaving their house for a period of time, entrusts it to one or more “house-sitters”, who by a mutual agreement are entitled to live there rent-free in exchange for assuming responsibilities such as taking care of the homeowner’s pets, performing general maintenance (including pools, lawns, air-conditioning systems etc.), keeping trespassers off the property, readdressing the mail, and in general, making sure that everything runs smoothly just as if the owner was at home. (Wikipedia)

In the world of frugal wandering, what can be more wonderful than a free place to stay?

There are many homeowners out there looking for someone to care for their home/pets/garden/pools while they are away for days or even months at a time in exchange for free lodging. How great is that?  This arrangement is sweet for everyone.  So, remember this:  whether you are looking to visit a place close to home or a land far away, there is a house-sitting job out there waiting for you!

So, what are you waiting for?  Sign up today and get the adventure started!


Sign up on a reputable house sitting website.  (Read on for a list of websites) Most of these websites charge a yearly fee.  The most expensive one I’ve seen was $100 USD.  Not too shabby if you are lucky enough to score the house-sitting job of your dreams.


Create a profile.  Remember that your profile is like a resume.  Write about your experiences that are relevant to the job you want not just the job you are doing now.  Think about what the home owner would want from you and talk about those things.  Don’t list all the things you have done in the past.  Appeal to the owner.

Don’t be afraid to let your personality come through while writing your profile.  Show some humor without damaging the professional image you are trying to display.  Let them know what you are passionate about and tell them why you are interested in house sitting.

All of these things will help the homeowner to feel comfortable with you.  Who doesn’t want to work with someone that they like and feel comfortable with?  If they feel that they will enjoy working with you, then your chances of getting the job increase tremendously!

You will be in someone’s home, possibly for weeks, living with their beloved pets and cherished items. If you were them, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable having a feel for who these strangers in your home were? Of course, you would!

Accentuate the instances where you have been successful at maintaining someone’s property.  If you have never house sat before, no worries.  Do you have good reviews on Airbnb or similar websites?  Use those as references to show homeowners that you are responsible.

Many times, homeowners will have pets that they need you to take care of.  Do you have any experience taking care of animals?  Highlight any experiences you have taking care of animals.  Homeowners are often very protective of their fur babies and treat them as family members.  It is important to make them feel that you will not only keep their beloved pets alive but that you will show them love and attention while they are gone.

Keep in mind that you will be competing with many others.  Your profile needs to make you shine and stand out among others vying for the same job.


As soon as you see a house-sitting job that you like, contact the homeowner.  Be succinct in your message.  Remember that they are probably getting lots of responses for the job.  You want to make a good impression with the shortest amount of words. You can offer to Skype with them.  This way they can get a great feel of who you are.  This will improve your chances of getting the job.


Once a homeowner accepts you as a house sitter, stay in touch.  Make sure you have a good sense of all they want you to take care of while you are there.  Ask about house rules you are to follow and make sure you follow them precisely!   Some homeowners may want you to also pet sit, others may want you to gather mail, water gardens, cut grass etc.  Take notes to make sure that you don’t forget any details.




House Carers – Membership $50 per year

Mind my House – Membership $20 per year

Trusted Housesitters – Membership $100 per year, $75 for 3 months

Luxury Housesitting  – $25 a year

Caretaker Gazette  – $30 a year

Working Couples – international, more like jobs that include accommodation, $48 a year ($12 quarter) or $5 a month.

Senior Sits –  An extension of Home Sitters “Free” but really $45-$55/year.

House Sitters America  $30 a year.

HouseSit Match  A small, mostly European site based in the UK. $50 USD a year.

Aussie House Sitters A wildly popular site in Australia.  Had fantastic experiences. $47 USD a year

Nomador  France Free for first 3 contacts, $35 for 3 months, $89 year.

Rover USA site with a focus on pet care that sometimes includes house sitting. Cost is 15% of the fees you charge pet owners.

United Kingdom:
House Sitters UK  – run by the awesome folks behind House Sitters America.  $22 a year.

Housem8 – UK based, some international.  $0 because it encourages use of a smart matching system vs. personal contact.

Easy House Sitting  – new site, $0 until they have more sits to offer.

Mind a Home – $49 AUD a year

Australian House Sitter –  $30 AUD a year

House Sitters Australia –  $15 AUD a year

Happy House Sitters –  $69 AUD a year, $59 4 mo.

New Zealand:
Kiwi House Sitters – run by the awesome folks behind House Sitters America.  $65 NZD a year.

Town & Country Home Sit – more job, less house sitting.  Like Rover, charges homeowners, assuming they pay you a portion of the fee.

HomeSit – more job, less house sitting.  Like Rover, charges homeowners, assuming they pay you a portion of the fee.

House Sitters Canada –They site it new (2017), so membership is free while they grow their base.

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